Make sure you know them when you make your reservation

Check-in time 3:00 p. m.

Check-out time 1:00 p. m.

It is the obligation of every guest and visitor to abide by all the pertinent security rules and to handle themselves within our facilities with the due duty of care and security.

As additional services, our company can provide, if requested by our guests, services such as taxi, transportation of people and luggage, tours to different sites, but the guest must take into account that these are not services provided directly by the hotel and are part of an additional service for our clients, therefore, the hotel is not responsible for any type of eventuality in them.

Symptoms of illness must be reported in case of suffering them, as electronic or valuable objects in the hotel facilities at the time of registration at the reception, otherwise, the establishment will not be responsible for any object or adverse situations.

The guest must immediately report to the reception any damage to the property, this to prevent it from suffering any damage, we are not responsible for the use of damaged items or facilities that have not been reported for review or repair.

It is not allowed to temporarily or permanently accommodate strangers in the rooms. If due to this situation our guests present any material (theft) or personal damage, these are not our responsibility, if the damage is done to our facilities or there is loss of our property, the owner guest must cover said damages or complications.

The payment for the service is made at the hotel facilities. In high season a deposit of 50% of the service is required.

Rates may be fully refundable only in low season, with cancellation of three (3) days in advance. In high season it is not possible due to the high demand, however, the reservation can be rescheduled to another date of no less than two (2) months (does not include weekends or holidays).

When registering, you must present an individual identity document or the group with which you enter, including documentation of minors.

The minor will only be located in the same room, as long as his/her height and weight be ideal and does not bother others, the minor will also be located in the room if they have any family relationship or demonstrative parental authorization, or by last if there is availability.

Any number of additional people will NOT be located in the room (further than it allows).

All room categories are pet friendly, as long as there is ventilation available, that is; balconies. pet friendly, siempre y cuando exista disponibilidad de ventilación, es decir; balcones.

If you have pets, please inform us in advance in order to establish a location.
The hotel does not have personnel specialized in their handling or specific areas for their recreation, so the guest must stay with the pet. 
Only one pet will be allowed per room.

Sometimes, for reasons of occupation, it will be necessary to hand over the keys of the vehicle; they are located in order of arrival and can be parked in common use areas in the parking lot.

The hotel cannot be held responsible for situations beyond the control of external factors such as noise from vehicles, people, or weather events and the like.