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Looking for a Hotel in
Villa de Leyva?

Welcome to Calle Principal!
Located 5 minutes from Villa de Leyva, in the beautiful town of Sáchica and 35 minutes from Tunja, capital of the department of Boyacá.

We offer a variety of rooms so that your visit to this magical region becomes an experience that makes you feel in the comfort of your home while you know and enjoy the traditional air of these places representative of Colombian history and culture.


Focused on maintaining the traditional and cultural style of the area, our rooms have been designed so that you can enjoy the area even when you are at the hotel.


With the main objective of offering you a quiet, traditional, and modern place, our plant has spaces created for your comfort and recreation.

The Hotel that opens its doors
to make you feel at home

From the hands, the desire, and the hard work, Calle Principal was born;
a hotel created with the warmth of a home in mind, so that
even far from home you feel comfortable.

Delve into
Calle Principal

With a proposal that crosses the modern and the colonial, we have designed a hotel where you can feel the same "air" of the areas of Villa de Leyva and Sáchica. In addition, concerned about the state of the planet, we have sought to include solar panels within the facility, which will soon be joined by a system of rainwater utilization, all in order to ensure that we contribute our bit to the causes that promote the welfare of our home.

Art Gallery

Let yourself be enveloped by the magical works of María Bordamalo, an artist who decorates the different spaces of our hotel with her art to offer you an even more native and traditional visit. Her different works, full of color and idiosyncrasies, will give you a special perspective of the potential of our people.

Beautiful territory

Covered with naturally beautiful areas, and unique historical contexts, this zone that surrounds the places of Villa de Leyva and Sáchica has a lot of places to show you where you will surely feel out of the planet, and even better; out of your daily routine. Give yourself the opportunity to explore them and see for yourself the immensity of their beauty.

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Whether it is curiosity about us, the town, or our services, we will be more than happy to clear up any of your doubts.